Exceptional Musical Studies In
Voice, Piano & Performance -- Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced
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NW Washington, DC, near Lowell School (one block off of 16th/S4 Bus) and near Silver Spring Metro.

Fully Equipped Studio featuring
Yamaha C3 Grand Piano, Professional Sound System, and Performance Room!

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Dr. Jeanne Sheffield, Expert Voice & Piano Musician and Teacher

        Dr. Jeanne Sheffield Estrada is a former "Miss Memphis", First Alternate to Miss Tennessee, National Television Performer, an original Dean Martin Gold Digger, "The Voice," "America's Got Talent," LA "Star Search," TV & Stage Coach, and Broadway Audition Vocal Teacher of two Miss Tennessee title winners. Songbird's Voice & Piano students range from beginning to advanced with an initial evaluation.

        This is your opportunity to join the many students from L.A., Memphis, Nashville, New York and DC who have learned the art of performance and freedom of expression with Dr. Jeanne.

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Here are some examples of what you will learn as a Songbird Music Creation's Student:

  • Finding My Voice
  • How the Voice Works
  • How To Express A Song
  • The Singer's Breath
  • The Singer's Net Working System
  • Good Intonation
  • Matching a Pitch
  • Learning to Phrase
  • How To Let Go Of My Fears
  • Beginner's Basics
  • Playing with Feeling
  • Phrasing
  • Chord Progressions
  • Staying Committed
  • The Circle Of Fifths
  • Theory/Techniques
  • Intermediate Challenges
  • Playing with Dynamics
  • Working for Perfection

Recitals With Staging & Choreography

Songbird creations offers yearly recitals with staging and choreography for family and friends .


Best Vocal lessons, Best singing instructor!

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